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Ph.D. Students of the CS Dept in the finals of the European Competition Entrepreneurship STARTENT

Zinon Zinonος and Pavlos Antoniou, 2 Ph.D. students of the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus participate in the finals of the European Competition Entrepreneurship STARTENT (http://www.startent.eu). 

In line with the current advancements in “green” smart houses, the business idea of Zinonos and Antoniou proposes easy-to-use, low-cost autonomous sensor-based devices which will contribute towards saving energy and reducing accidents (e.g. fires from devices left unattended). These devices will enable the user to control (on/off) house appliances of high energy consumption and monitor the amount of energy consumed per unit remotely. 

The business proposal of the 2 Ph.D. students took the third place in the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition in 2009 (CyEC 2009 – http://www.cyec.org.cy/) and an improved version of the proposal was submitted in STARTENT 2010. The business proposal passed through all the assessment stages and now reached the final stage, in which the winning business proposal is decided by public vote. It is worth noting that it is the only team from Cyprus that participates in this contest. 

Now you can place your vote to support our team on the STARTENT website