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Ph.D. Degree Requirements

  • Class attendance for a minimum of six semesters. The Ph.D. requirements must be fulfilled within the period of sixteen semesters from the day of admission to the postgraduate programme.
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 240 ECTS (completion of 60 ECTS at the postgraduate level, in accordance with the provisions of the programme of studies of the Computer Science Department (holders of a Master or equivalent degree may be partially or fully exempted from this requirement). The research part of the programme counts as 120 ECTS and the remaining ECTS refer to the comprehensive examination, the presentation of the dissertation proposal, the writing of the dissertation, etc.)
  • Success in a comprehensive examination in the fifth semester of studies at the latest. The nature and assessment of the comprehensive examination are determined by the relevant department.
  • Defense of a dissertation.

Comprehensive Examination

Ph.D. students are required to successfully pass a comprehensive examination in the fifth semester of studies at the latest.

  • The Computer Science Postgraduate Programme Committee is responsible for coordination of the comprehensive examination.
  • The general content of the comprehensive examination and the material required for the examination are defined by the Postgraduate Programme Committee.
  • For oral examinations the Examining Committee must be composed of more than one examiner and full notes must be taken.
  • The Computer Science Department offers comprehensive exams at least once a year so that students have the opportunity to take the exams at least twice before their fifth semester.

Procedure for a Dissertation Defense

  • Presentation of a dissertation proposal before a three-member committee. The committee, proposed and chaired by the Research Advisor, is appointed by the Postgraduate Programmes Committee. One of the members of the three-member committee can be from another department of the university in a related discipline or from another university or research centre.
  • Submission of an original dissertation constituting an important contribution to the particular discipline.
  • Defense of the dissertation before a five-member Examining Committee. The committee is proposed by the Postgraduate Programmes Committee and is composed of : three members from the departmental academic staff, one of whom is, in all cases, the student’s research supervisor; one member from another university or research centre and; one member from another department of the University in a related discipline or from another university or research centre.
  • The Chair of the Examining Committee is a member of the academic staff of the department, but not the Research Supervisor.
  • The procedure for defense of the dissertation consists of three stages: (a) presentation of the dissertation in an open lecture, lasting 30 to 45 minutes, (b) discussion of the dissertation with the members of the Examining Committee and (c) meeting of the Committee and formation of the Committee’s final proposal.
  • After completion of the dissertation defense, the Committee submits a detailed proposal to the Head of the department in writing with any recommendations to the candidate. The Head sends the Committee’s proposal to the Senate for approval.
  • If the Committee suggests any changes or improvements, the Senate will grant final approval for the award of the degree after the Research Advisor confirms in writing that the suggestions have been implemented.
  • If the Examining Committee cannot recommend awarding a degree, the Ph.D. candidate may be allowed to resubmit the dissertation, after due modifications have been made in accordance with the committee's requirements, and repeat the entire process of defense once more.
  • Students at the doctoral level may be awarded a Master degree if for special reasons they need to interrupt their studies, provided that they fulfill the department’s requirements.