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Full Day Workshop on Nature-inspired Techniques in Computer Networking, November 29, 2010

Full Day Workshop on Nature-inspired Techniques in Computer Networking

29th of November 2010

Call for Participation/Presentation

Nature, an everlasting source of inspiration, has been very successful in solving complex problems. The urge of living organisms toward survival often drives the emergence of intelligent behaviors which motivates the theory, design and application of Computational Intelligence paradigms. The mimicking of nature provides alternative  solution techniques to problems that were not satisfactorily resolved by other traditional techniques. These new techniques are being applied successfully to a variety of scientific and engineering dynamic problems.

This full-day workshop focuses on bio-inspired techniques that have been successfully applied to solve complex problems in computing, and especially in computer networking. This workshop will be of interest to researchers, designers and practitioners engaged in nature-inspired methods, models and techniques.

In this workshop, we bring together well known researchers in the field. We are pleased to announce that Prof. Andries Engelbrecht, Director of the Computational Intelligence Research Group (CIRG) of the University of  Pretoria, South Africa (author of: Computational Intelligence, An Introduction, John Wiley, October 2002) and Dr. Tim Blackwell Joint programme leader Music Computing of Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK will participate in the Workshop, and will deliver keynote talks.

These talks will be supplemented by two students from Prof. Engelbreht's research group. Furthermore, local experts and students will introduce us into their work in this exciting field of research, including research results from the IPE-funded MiND2C Project.

Tentative workshop agenda will be available here.

Participation in the workshop requires the submission of an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the deadline for participation. We also encourage participants who have novel research in the field to declare, in the same email, their interest in presenting their work, before the deadline for presentations (see below).

Important dates:
8th of November 2010 Deadline for presentation request
15th of November 2010 Notification of acceptance for presentation
15th of November 2010 Deadline for participation request
29th of November 2010 Full Day Workshop

* Andreas Pitsillides, Professor, University of Cyprus, Cyprus.
* Andreas Kamilaris, PhD Student, University of Cyprus, Cyprus.
* Pavlos Antoniou, PhD Student, University of Cyprus, Cyprus.

The workshop is sponsored by the IPE-funded Mind2C Project