The eSticky project is proceeding at full speed and the researches oriented to its functioning are more and more precise.

One of the aspects that deserves attention is the application of industrial design, the purpose of which is to be able to optimize ergonomic and functional systems and products through the use of “scientific design”. Designing an aesthetically pleasing product, through a highly technical design, allows you to create quality products with a decidedly positive feedback.

It should be emphasized that, in projects such as eSticky, good design and good usability are the undisputed protagonists in making the user experience enjoyable, especially if the products are aimed at elderly people with problems related to the functioning of memory.

Helping those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia is possible, but a substantial technological, social and communicative effort must be made so that these people can preserve their autonomy in daily actions: thanks to the development of eSticky simple routine gestures, such as hiring a medication, they will never take a back seat.