ESticky is configured as a digital post-it able to communicate information and transmit notifications.

In the last meeting held by the partners it was possible to analyze and discuss the 9 essential characters that make up the morphology of the device, such as the display – evaluating its size and brightness – the insertion of a LED light to visually reinforce the message or the expected energy consumption.

Dwelling on how the eSticky box must be assembled is an essential element for good operation. If the device is not designed and optimized for the established purpose, it will be not very adaptive and will not be able to offer the requested help. This design phase is delicate, and each partner has contributed energetically to ensure that the product has a positive outcome. Choosing to be able to implement acoustic or light devices in the system to reinforce the meaning of the message is a valid help. 

In light of the considerations that emerged from the eSticky team meeting, it is necessary to collaborate to achieve high performance.