On the 31st of May 2023, the consortium of our project RuralPlus attended with physical presence the project’s third Transnational Project Meeting which took place at the offices of HIESE, in the rural community of Penela in central Portugal.

The meeting was attended by two participants form the University of Cyprus with physical presence and two online participants.

During the TPM the partners reflected upon the completion of Project Result 1, which related to the informational infographics and videos of 5 EU-funded programs.

The team also discussed the progress of the ongoing Result 2, which is the training material for mentors, and also introduced the third and final Result: The creation of a MOOC -Massive Open Online Course- for trainers and adults as well as the creation of an app for our project.

In the rural community of Penela, viticulture is a popular occupation for many residents. Winemaking is a strong economic activity in the local area as well as the rest of Portugal. Multiple Portuguese wineries and vineyards are hundreds of years old, and the wine culture is a source of tourism.

During the meeting, partners were given a tour of a local winery, where the owners explained the significance of winemaking for this area and the importance of its promotion through our project, and offered local wines for tasting to the RuralPlus consortium.