Today, the SEIT Lab had the pleasure of hosting 33 bright minds from Lykeio Idaliou as part of the EPSILON Erasmus+ project. 🎓🖥️

Here’s a glimpse of what went down:
1️⃣ We kicked off by showcasing the incredible work we do at the lab, unveiling projects like DigiRoot, Femstem, and CHILD. 💡

2️⃣ Next up, we delved into the fascinating world of data science, sparking curiosity and exploration among our eager participants. We even held an engaging workshop on Data Science, diving deeper into its principles and applications. 📊

3️⃣ Then, we embarked on a captivating tour of our university grounds, marveling at the stunning library and soaking in the rich academic atmosphere. 📚

4️⃣ Finally, we dove headfirst into the heart of our mission with the EPSILON project, immersing the students in the realm of Data Science for Good. They got hands-on experience with our innovative tools, providing valuable feedback and insights. 💻

It’s moments like these that remind us of the power of education and inspiration. 💫 Thank you to Lykeio Idaliou for joining us on this journey, and here’s to fostering the next generation of Computer Science enthusiasts! 🚀 #SEITLab #EPSILONProject #ErasmusPlus #DataScience #EducationForAll