On the 8th of December 2022, the partners of our Erasmus+ project DIPHE met at the city of Bordeaux in the east of France for the second transnational meeting of the project. This was the first meeting of this project that was attended with physical presence after the relaxation of the pandemic measures.

The main outcome of this TPM was the definition of the requirements of IO 5, namely the e-Learning platform which UCY is the leader of.

One of the innovations of the DIPHE project is the development of a completely custom-made e-Learning platform that will account for the needs of people with all kinds of disabilities, including contrast sensitivity, partial visual impairments and attention deflect.

Once the requirements were clearly explained by our partners at IKKAIDO, who are experts in the field of disabilities, and the expectations set, the UCY technical team returned to Cyprus with a very concrete idea of what needs to be developed, and is now ready to commence development.

During the meeting the consortium had the opportunity to discuss and reflect on other reports as well, such as the Good Practice report, the development of the pedagogical framework as well as the Curriculum Framework and course which are now ready and have been uploaded to the project website.