The camp started with opening remarks from Assist. Prof. Mehmet Emin Paşaoğlu (ITU-MEMTEK) and Assist. Prof. Selda Murat Hocaoglu (TÜBİTAK MAM) led the brainstorming session. Several experts gave lectures on various topics. Dr. Vincent Wolfs (SumAqua) showcased five prototypes developed during the camp. The brainstorming session utilized GroupMap. Prof. Pierre Berube (UBC-CA) observed and chaired the “Identification/early warning system” table. The “cyber-attacks” table was led by Dr. Vincent Wolfs, with co-chairs Jascanu Veronica (SmarTech Automation) and Assoc. Prof. Kubra Ulucan-Altuntas (ITU). Dr. Selda Murat Hocaoglu chaired the “response options” table, with co-chairs Katharina Pilar Von Pilchau (Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe) and Dr. Abhilash Nair (DOSCON AS). Students generated ideas during brainstorming sessions and further developed them using the Business Model Canvas. The day concluded with a joint dinner.