• Help entrepreneurs utilise ICT technologies for their businesses online, in compliance with the demand for Digital Security (technical solutions for cyber security depending on level of digitalisation -cloud or physical servers and etc.-, legal and management requirements that need to be observed in this respect).
  • To provide opportunities for potential young entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs to enrich their Digital Security expertise and gain as well social entrepreneurship skills, profiting from the specially elaborated e-Manual, benefit from tailored to their needs mentoring, exchange good practices and transfer knowhow among each other via sophisticated online platform
  • Promote social entrepreneurship and social innovations as possible for implementation even in the early stage of business development


By providing educational and practical guidelines, as well as mentoring support from youth workers. All of the above mainly established in digital environment.

Target Groups:

  • Potential young entrepreneurs – students
  • Young entrepreneurs – already employed / entrepreneurs
  • Youth workers in partner organisations and in general: delivering training to above subgroups, mentoring support etc.

Visit www.difens-project.eu and learn more about the project.