The UbiCARS (Ubiquitous Context-Aware Recommender Systems) MDD Framework enables developers that are not experts in recommender systems to design and develop context-aware recommender systems for e-stores and physical retail stores. The resulting recommender systems use external recommendation engines and take advantage of customer-product interaction data from the e-store (customer ratings on products, customers’ browsing history and purchase history) and the physical store (customers’ staying time in front of products).

The evaluation of the UbiCARS MDD Framework aims to make you familiar with the framework, what it does, how it is used and what its results are, in order to provide your expert feedback through an online questionnaire.

Please spend 10 minutes to participate in the evaluation by following the instructions here.

As a compensation for your time, we will include you in the acknowledgments of this study, as well as provide you with a copy of our scientific results.

For questions or if you face any issues with this study, please contact: Christos Mettouris, University of Cyprus, mettour AT cs.ucy.ac.cy.

The UbiCARS Moelling Editor