SEIT, UCY is hosting a two week intensive student training for the project JobJo. 15 students from Universities from Jordan are visiting and following the training.
In the first two days (22&23 of June), Dr. Thomas Fotiades gave a lecture about Useful Digital Tools. He explained how to create a google form, its usefulness, as well as ways and aims of creating a survey evaluation, and how to analyse the collected results.
Evangelia Vanezi gave a lecture about Secure web browsing and Privacy. She presented a brief summary of the main dangers when browsing the web or communicating via emails and then concentrated on the Phishing attack. A case study of such an attack was demonstrated in the lecture. Privacy was discussed through the provisions and rights of the GDPR.
As an assignment, the students had to create a google form survey, gather some data and present them, as well as investigate and present a phishing attack case study.

The students completed and presented their assignments and projects successfully. The two-day session was completed with the Certificates that were given to all participants.