The intensive student training for the Erasmus+ project JobJo, continues with students from Jordan participating and attending a variety of new and useful activities on Thursday 30th of June and Friday 1st of July.Michalis Panayides gave a lecture on why LinkedIn is useful as an employability tool and how to use it in order to successfully find job opportunities.Stylianos Argyrou demonstrated a live LinkedIn account creation along with an effective way on how to write the information on each section in LinkedIn. Dr. Constantinos Tsouris gave a lecture on the process of looking for and applying for a job. Then Dr. Tsouris answered questions about detailed matters like references and cover letters.As an assignment, the students had to create individual LinkedIn accounts and prepare a skills document that highlighted how they have obtained the skills mentioned on LinkedIn and their document. The students completed and presented their assignments and projects successfully. They have also answered a questionnaire about their experience with this session.