Our paper CompLicy: Evaluating the GDPR Alignment of Privacy Policies – A Study on Web Platforms, was accepted for publication at the 15th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS 2021) and was presented by Evangelia Vanezi on May 11–14, 2021. The conference was, initially to be held in Limassol (Cyprus) was organised online due to COVID-19.

Full Citation: Vanezi, Evangelia, Zampa, George, Mettouris, Christos, Yeratziotis, Alexandros, and Papadopoulos, George A. “CompLicy: Evaluating the GDPR Alignment of Privacy Policies-A Study on Web Platforms.” Research Challenges in Information Science: 15th International Conference, RCIS 2021, Limassol, Cyprus, May 11–14, 2021, Proceedings. Springer Nature.

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