Join us at The University of Cyprus on 28-29 November for an engaging dive into Flipped Learning 3.0. Here’s what you need to know:

🚀 What’s Happening So Far?

🎤 Speakers

Our esteemed speakers are invite-only experts chosen for their profound knowledge in Flipped Learning 3.0.

📄 Papers and Workshops

Most drafts are in and under review. Haven’t submitted yours? Good news! The deadline is now 10 June.

📝 Registration

Our system is almost ready! You can register starting 1 July:

  • Early Bird: 20€ (until 27 September 2024)
  • Regular: 30€

🏅 CPD Certificate

All delegates will receive a CPD certificate from The University of Cyprus.

🎓 Conference Highlights


  • Errol St. Claire Smith: Insights on the future of AI and Flipped Learning.


  • Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning Framework: Plan, execute, assess, and troubleshoot (Errol St. Claire Smith).
  • Innovate Backwards: Shaping digital skills for tomorrow.
  • Transforming Vocational Education and Training: Enhancing digital skills and key competences for VET trainers and teachers.
  • Non-formal Learning Tools in Formal Education
  • GAI-supported Content Creation
  • Innovate Backwards (again for emphasis): Digital skills shaping.

Paper Presentations

  • Training implementation in remote areas.
  • Assessing Digital Competences: Role in the Modern Workplace.
  • Insights from the DigiComPass Training Course on Flipped-Learning 3.0.
  • Integrating Non-Formal Learning into Formal Education.
  • Enhancing learning through Design Thinking in Flipped Learning.
  • Managing Flipped Learning with Moodle in Higher Education.
  • Flipped Learning in Higher Education Language Classrooms.
  • Digital Skills Training in Vocational Programs in Spain.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of educational innovation!

🔗 Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to register on 1 July!

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