The purpose of the device is to be able to convey information clearly and transparently to people with memory impairments, but the project also symbolizes more.

The interface becomes a second skin, and the display is not perceived as an external body.

This consideration opens the reflection to an even more effective and inclusive communication plan.

The realization of a European project requires that the communicative aspect be studied in detail: not only for the possibility of being able to choose the language with which to interact through the device, but also, and above all, for the technological and social relevance that development of this device represents.

The communication strategy is the strong point in an international project since it is only as a function of an effective communication plan that it is possible to understand and what are the advantages deriving from the digital post-it.

In June, the partners proudly reached the first objectives of the project, also choosing the communication systems suitable for the dissemination of the project’s purpose, outlining challenges and opportunities belonging to the communicative sphere.