Project’s Full Title:

Advanced Teaching and training on Smart grid and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems/AT‐SGIRES

Duration: 2017-2020
Funding Agency: Erasmus +

The project’s objective is the capacity building of MENA partners in the field of Smart Grid and Grid Integration of renewable energy sources. The main outcomes of the AT‐SGIRES project are:

  • The establishment of an international smart grid and grid integration of renewable energy systems education and workforce training centre to facilitate the development of a well‐trained, highly skilled smart grid workforce which h is vital to implementing a clean‐energy smart grid.
  • The teaching and training materials in form of lectures taught at universities and at the centre, and online training modules for e‐learning. The innovation is not presented in the form but in the content of the outcome. Most of the available and planned smart grid courses in MENA universities concentrate on the theoretical aspects of renewable sources (Photovoltaic and Wind turbine) and neglects their integration in the national grid and the fact that the majority of the consumers will become sooner or later prosumers and consequently the national electric grid must become more smarter to enhance the power management and control.AT‐SGIRES project shall introduce Smart Grid application for the first time and in large scale to the region with the help of European leading institutions to prepare qualitative materials to be implemented by a significant number of universities in the MENA region. Furthermore, in order to achieve the greatest possible results, an e‐learning platform is planned within the framework of AT‐SGIRES.

University of Newcastle (United Kingdom), University of Cyprus, Hamburg university of technology (Germany), German Jordanian University (Jordan), Damascus University (Syria), Al‐Baath University (Syria), Tafila Technical University (Jordan), Middle East University (Jordan), Mohammadia School of Engineering (Morocco), Al Akhawayn University (Morocco)

University of Cyprus Role: Partner (P3). University of Cyprus is participating in AT-SGIRES project with PV Technology Laboratory and SEIT Laboratory.

Total Funding amount: 999,988.00
Funding amount (UCY): 80000

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