University of Cyprus
Dept. of Computer Science

EPL 602: Foundations of Internet Technologies


Spring 2011

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Hand out date

Due date

9/2/2011 18/2/2011 Introduction to Socket programming by building a very basic Web crawler. Details can be found here.
The grades for the first exercise have been published.
4/3/2011 14/3/2011 Using multithreading to build a Server that accepts multiple clients. Details can be found here.
The grades for the second exercise are available.
16/3/2011 6/4/2011 Using caching to increase the performance of a Server that accepts multiple requests. Details can be found here.
The grades for the third exercise are online.
8/4/2011 29/4/2011 Testing caching through intermediate proxies on PlanetLab. Details can be found here.




Class Presentations

Please choose a topic/paper from the following list. You are requested to read, review, and present in class the paper you select as part of your assignments for the course. If necessary, you can search for other papers that will help you understand and present the topic of the chosen paper. The deliverables of this assignment will be:

  1. An extended abstract on the topic of the paper you chose not exceeding 6 pages, including citations and bibliography (hard copy).
  2. A 30-min presentation that will be given in class, including Q&A (powerpoint file).

For information on how to review and present a paper, please consult Armando Fox's Paper Writing and Presentations Page and Michalis Faloutsos' hints on the structure of a 20' minute technical presentation.


The assignment can be done in groups of 2 students, at most.

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