Formal Methods for Specification and Verification of
Ad hoc Network Protocols

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This research (called PROODOS) investigates the foundations of the modelling, development and analysis of dynamic systems. A dynamic system is a system with a dynamically-evolving interconnection composed of a changing number of components which can be created and destroyed as computation proceeds. The dynamic behaviour of these systems makes their understanding and development a challenging task. Thus, despite their wide use the need to create scientific methodologies for these complicated and continuously-evolving environments is widely recognized.

PROODOS tackle this challenge by investigating the specification and verification of a class of dynamic systems, that of ad hoc networks , and aims to propose methodologies for the development of correct, efficient and reliable solutions to problems originating in them. During this research the frameworks of Process Algebra and I/O Automata. are employed to model and analyze algorithms in ad hoc networks which eventually enable the evaluation of the two methodologies according to their applicability for the field under study.