ECOWS 2010 - The 8th IEEE European Conference on Web Services

Accepted Papers

Matthias Winkler, Thomas Springer and Alexander Schill. Automating Composite SLA Management Tasks by Exploiting Service Dependency Information
André Miede, Ulrich Lampe, Dieter Schuller, Julian Eckert and Ralf Steinmetz. Evaluating the QoS Impact of Web Service Anonymity
Maria Maleshkova, Carlos Pedrinaci and John Domingue. Investigating Web APIs on the World Wide Web
Nils Gruschka and Luigi Lo Iacono. Server-side Streaming Processing of Secured MTOM Attachments
Anja Strunk. QoS-Aware Service Composition: A Survey
Sudhir Agarwal and Martin Junghans. Swapping out Coordination of Web Processes to the Web Browser
José Antonio Martín and Ernesto Pimentel. Feature-Based Discovery of Services with Adaptable Behaviour
Joachim Goetze, Simon Schwantzer, Tino Fleuren and Paul Mueller. License4Grid: Adopting DRM for Licensed Content in Grid Environments
Michael Mrissa, Salah-Eddine Tbahriti and Hong Linh Truong. Privacy model and annotation for DaaS
Florian Skopik, Daniel Schall, Harald Psaier and Schahram Dustdar. Social Formation and Interactions in Evolving Service-oriented Communities
Ehtesham Zahoor, Olivier Perrin and Claude Godart. DISC-SeT: Handling temporal and security aspects in the Web services composition
Karim Dahman, François Charoy and Claude Godart. Generation of Component Based Architecture from Business Processes: Model Driven Engineering for SOA
Robert Warschofsky, Michael Menzel and Christoph Meinel. Transformation and Aggregation of Web Service Security Requirements
Nikolay Mehandjiev, Freddy Lecue, Usman Wajid and Abdallah NAMOUNE. Assisted Service Composition for End Users
Nikolay Mehandjiev, Abdallah NAMOUNE, Usman Wajid, Linda Macaulay and Alistair Sutcliffe. End User Service Composition - Perceptions and Requirements
Jens Müller, Jutta Mülle, Silvia von Stackelberg and Klemens Böhm. Secure Business Processes in Service-Oriented Architectures - a Requirements Analysis
Zachary J. Oster, Ganesh Ram Santhanam and Samik Basu. Decomposing the Service Composition Problem
Luciano Baresi, Mauro Caporuscio, Carlo Ghezzi and Sam Guinea. Model-driven Management of Services
Abdallah Namoun. Service Composition for Non Programmers: Prospects, Problems, and Design Recommendations
John Coffey, Laura White, Sharon Simmons and Norman Wilde. Locating Software Features in a SOA Composite Application
Marvin Ferber, Thomas Rauber and Sascha Hunold. Combining OO Design and SOA with Remote Objects over Web Services

Accepted papers for the Industrial Track

Anis Charfi, Benjamin Schmeling, Francesco Novelli and Heiko Witteborg. An overview of the Unified Service Description Language
Theo Dimitrakos. Common capabilities for service oriented infrastructures and platforms: an overview
Kerstin Denecke. A Service-oriented Architecture for Text Analytics Enabled Business Applications
Lars Dannecker, Andre Preussner, Tobias Nestler, Marius Feldmann and Abdallah Namoun. Service Annotations for Improving the Generation of Web Service User Interfaces
S. Nair, Sakshi Porwal, Theo Dimitrakos, Ana Juan Ferrer, Johan Tordsson, Tabassum Sharif, Craig Sheridan, Rajarajan Muttukrishnan and Afnan Ullah Khan. Towards Secure Cloud Bursting, Brokerage and Aggregation