The 11th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications
31 August-02 September 2011 Pafos Cyprus


Scalability is a desirable quality for contemporary and future computing and communication systems and becomes one of the most important considerations during the design and deployment of these systems. With the rapid increases in the information volume and system complexity, new architecture and techniques are required to support the scalable computing and communications.

The conference ScalCom 2011 aims to provide an international forum for scientists, researchers and engineers to discuss challenges, launch original ideas, and showcase real-world problems on all aspects of scalability. ScalCom 2011 is soliciting original and previously unpublished papers addressing research challenges and advances towards the design, implementation and evaluation of scalable computing and communication systems. ScalCom 2011 will be held on 31 August - 02 September, 2011 in Pafos (Paphos), Cyprus.

The Program Draft is anounced.

Accepted Papers anounced.

Paper submission deadline extended to April 15, 2011

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