The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology
31 August-02 September 2011 Pafos Cyprus

Accepted Papers

Full Papers

MRF-based Particle Filters for Multi-touch Tracking and Gesture Likelihoods

Change Function of 2D/3D Network-on-Chip

Image Encryption Using Differential Evolution Approach in Frequency Domain

Designing Efficient Parallel Prefix Sum Algorithms for GPUs

Extending Linear Discriminant Analysis by using Unlabeled Data

Geometric Active Model for Lesion Segmentation on Breast Ultrasound Images

A Novel Adjustable Matrix Bloom Filter based Copy-Detection System for Digital Libraries

LHCDS: A Novel Deployment Strategy of Proxy Caches for P2P Traffic in ISP Networks

A Global Dictionary Based Approach to Fast Similar Text Search

Wavelet Filter Bank-based nonuniform Multi-Tone Transceiver for Digital Subscriber Line

A New Human Interactive Proof System Using Arbitrary and Fractal Polygon Image

Time Synchronization of Distributed Readers for a Large-Scale Active RFID Network

Efficient Team Formation based on Learning and Reorganization and Influence of Communication Delay

A New K-NN Query Processing Algorithm Enhancing Privacy Protection in Location-based Services

Using Network Science to Understand the Structure of Brazilian Popular Music

Starting Model-Based Testing based on Existing Test Cases used for Model Creation

A Full-distributed Architecture for PoC Application in Data Packet Voice Communication

Model Tree Based Adaption Strategy for Software Effort Estimation by Analogy

Novel Multicast Operation Method in Metro Ethernet Networks

Independent and Personal SMS Spam Filtering

Design and Implementation of MAC Protocol for SmartGrid HAN Environment

Image segmentation by Dynamic Region Growth, Multiresolution Texture Modeling and Merging

Machine learning approach to the power management of server clusters

Flexible Homecare Application Personalization and Integration Using Pattern-based Service Tailoring, Supporting Independent Living of Elderly with IT

Decreasing change impact using smart LSB Pixel mapping and data rearrangement

A Framework for Interactive Virtual Tours

User-Defined Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Execution of Workflows in the Grid

Opportunistic Scheduling and Performance Analysis on Wireless Network Coding

AOP4CSM: An Aspect-Oriented Programming Approach for Cloud Service Monitoring

Extending the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Sensor Networks using a Two-level Topology

Greedy and Randomized Feature Selection for Web Search Ranking

Extracting the Path of Frame Center Points Using Spatial Transformation and Motion Estimation

Watermarking Method based on Visual Cryptography and Discrete Wavelet Transform

Detecting behavioral variations in system resources of large data centers

GPU implementation of a region based algorithm for large images segmentation

Fast Distributed BitTable Multi-Agent Association Rules Mining Algorithm

Binarization of Degraded characters using Tensor voting based color clustering

Lanes Detection in PCR Gel Electrophoresis Images

A Bit Collision Detection based Hybrid Query Tree Protocol for Anti-Collision in RFID System

A Bug Rule based Technique with Feedback for Classifying Bug Reports

PAPR Reduction Techniques & Performance Analysis of Multi-User MC-CDMA System

Fast algorithms for maximising the flow in repairable flow networks

Short Papers

Navigating Measurements by Cross-classifications in Multi-use Data Warehouse

Channel modeling for wireless underground sensor networks

A Secure Recognition Based Graphical Password by Watermarking

Vehicle Detection on Aerial Images by Extracting Corner Features for Rotational Invariant Shape Matching

Application of Live Video Streaming over GRID and Cloud infrastructures

A Fully Automatic Approach for Fixing Firewall Misconfigurations

A FCM- Based Thread Partitioning Method for Speculative Multithreading

Comparison of Autodiscovery Mechanism Between OSPF-TE and BGP

Voice Packet Signaling over VOIP

A Software Architecture for Provision of Context-Aware Web-based m-Commerce Applications

The Elderly Fall Risk Assessment and Prediction Based on Gait Analysis

Spatial Cloaking Method Based on Reciprocity Property for Users' Privacy in Road Networks

An Interactive Web-based Visualization Tool in Action: User Testing and Usability Aspects

Modified Deterministic Packet Marking for DDoS Attack Traceback in IPv6 Network

Long- term Consecutive Reconstruction of Incomplete EEG Time Series

Survey, Analysis And Re-Evaluation Of Shuffling Schemes - How Secure And Efficient A Mix Network Can Be

Facial Movement Detection - A Yes or No

Dynamic Probabilistic Flooding Algorithm based-on Neighbor Information in Wireless Sensor Networks

Answering User Queries from Hotel Ontology for Decision Making

Character Segmentation in Chinese Handwritten Text Based on Gap and Character Construction Estimation

A clustering data fusion method for intrusion detection system

On Application-level Approaches to Cloudy Computing Service in Agent-base Distributed System

A software architecture for the analysis of large sets of data streams in cloud infrastructures

The effect of RED queue management scheme on TCP performance

Connectivity Dynamics Under Microscopic Parameters In Heterogeneous Traffic Flow For VANET

Design and Implementaion of a Smartphone-based Reliable Real-Time Wi-Fi Broadcast System

Variable Step-Size Modified Constant Modulus Blind Equalization Algorithm

Generation of Semantic Interactive Environment for Personalized Search

Effects of Radio Triggered Sensor MAC Protocol over Wireless Sensor Network


A Laxity-Aware Memory Access Scheduler for High Performance Multimedia SoC

The use of Electronic Health Record in Greece: Current Status

FIMGSA: A new method for quantitative frequent itemset mining based on GSA

Automatic Integration of Ontology Based DataBases in Hybrid framework

Why Groups Are Used In Software System Modernization Decisions? Comparing Group Decision-making in Private and Public Sector

A Review of Gradient-based and Edge-based Feature Extraction Methods for Object Detection

Design of a Hierarchical based DHT Overlay P2P Routing Algorithm

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6 QoS

New approach to system level self-diagnosis

Implementation of Context Based Search Engine Using Clustering Techniques

Versatile Imaging System

A Novel System for the Representation and Actualization of Relationships in a System

A Novel mobility model for realistic behavior in Vehicular Ad hoc Network

How to Predict Temperature of Web-Blog Articles As One Measuring Tool for Online Popularity

Effective SQL Injection Attack Reconstruction Using Network

Open Multi Processing (OpenMP) of Gauss-Jordan Method for Solving System of Linear Equations

Software and Hardware Co-designed Multi-Level TLB for Chip Multiprocessors

Countourel-based Feature Extraction For Computer Aided Diagnosis Of Medical Patterns

ArchMDE Approach for the Formal Verification of Real Time Systems

Detect and Correct Single Event Upsets in Satellite Communications

Utilizing SSTAG: A Novel Tag Recommendation Mechanism to Web Page Search

Problems in IT Implementation in Uttar Pradesh (Industrial Area)

A new approach to discover the complex mappings between ontologies

New Scheme To Avert The Time Delay In Mobile Networks

ATB: Educational Multi-touch Software for Autistic Children

Analysis of Optimized Elliptic Cryptographic Protocol on Resource Poor Tiny Node

Policy-Driven Reconfiguration incorporating Multi-objective Optimization for Performance Management in a Ship Backbone Network