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Colloquium Coordinator: Demetris Zeinalipour

Colloquium: Building an Inclusive Pedestrian Path Recommendation System, Prof. Panos K. Chrysanthis (University of Pittsburgh, USA), Friday, November 18, 2022, 09.00-10.00 EET.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus cordially invites you to the Colloquium entitled:

Building an Inclusive Pedestrian Path Recommendation System


Speaker: Prof. Panos K. Chrysanthis
Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh, USA
Category: Colloquium
Location: Hybrid Talk: Zoom + Room 109, ΧΩΔ-01 Building, 1 University Avenue, 2109 Nicosia, Cyprus (directions)
Date: Friday, November 18, 2022
Time: 09.00-10.00 EET
Host: Dr. Demetris Zeinalipour (dzeina-AT-cs.ucy.ac.cy)
URL: https://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/colloquium/index.php#cs.ucy.2022.chrysanthis

Context-awareness is essential to maximize the utility of the computer systems and applications which an individual interacts with. For example, a context-aware path recommendation system can provide recommendations that are robust to a wide range of constraints of great importance to many user groups. For instance, outdoor paths are not preferred during inclement weather and indoor paths with many steps and narrow staircases need to be avoided when carrying or moving heavy objects. As the examples suggest, context is subjective and while these systems can provide utility for many users under several scenarios, benefiting users from all backgrounds requires holistic thinking about their design. In this talk, we will share our experience in developing CAPRIO, our indoor-outdoor path recommendation system, to provide inclusive utility, i.e., providing equal service and value to all users from all backgrounds. To achieve inclusive utility, we recognized that user preferences enable the building of a more accurate model of the type of paths users wish to take based on their abilities rather than their disabilities. We will also present how users’ preferences are utilized by ASTRO, one of CAPRIO's A*-based path finding algorithms, and how these preferences are extracted in a non-intrusive dialog using a chatbot.

Short Bio:
Dr. Panos K. Chrysanthis is a Professor of Computer Science and the Founder and Director of the Advanced Data Management Technologies Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). He is also an adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and at the University of Cyprus. His research interests lie within the areas of data management (big data, databases & data streams), data analytics and visualization, distributed & mobile computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). His scientific contributions in principles, algorithms and prototypes have been documented in more than 50 papers in top journals and 175 prestigious, peer-reviewed conferences and workshops. His publication record includes a book and more than 30 editorials and book chapters. Prof. Chrysanthis was one of the first two recipients of prestigious NSF CAREER award (2015) in the area of data management for his investigation on the management of data for mobile and wireless computing. In 2010, he was recognized as an ACM Distinguished Scientist and in 2022, as an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributor (inaugural class). In 2015, he received the University of Pittsburgh's Provost Award for Excellence in Mentoring (doctoral students), and in 2019, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, College of Information and Computer Science Award for Outstanding Achievements in Education (2019). He was honored with seven Computer Science teaching awards and Visiting Professorships of the University of Diaspora at the University of Cyprus. The impact of his work is evident in his appointment to the editorial board of several top-tier journals, and professional executive boards and steering committees, his selection as a General and Program Chair of premier conferences and workshops, and his invitations as a keynote speaker in various meetings. He is also actively involved in the DEI and sustainability efforts of the database research community, organized the DEI's inaugural activities at EDBT 2021, served as DEI Chair for six conferences, and serves as the coordinator of DEI Media.

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