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Colloquium Coordinator: Demetris Zeinalipour

Colloquium: Data driven character simulation, Yiorgos Chrysanthou (University of Cyprus, Cyprus), Monday, January 29, 2018, 10:00-11:00 EET.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus cordially invites you to the Colloquium entitled:

Data driven character simulation


Speaker: Yiorgos Chrysanthou
Affiliation: University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Category: Colloquium
Location: Room 148, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences (FST-01), 1 University Avenue, 2109 Nicosia, Cyprus (directions)
Date: Monday, January 29, 2018
Time: 10:00-11:00 EET
Host: Constantinos Pattichis (pattichi-AT-cs.ucy.ac.cy)
URL: https://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/colloquium/index.php?speaker=cs.ucy.2018.chrysanthou

Virtual environments are increasingly present in our lives, with a large number of potential applications. An indispensable component of many of these applications are virtual humans. From training for evacuation through to background scenes for a historical drama, virtual characters provide important context and constraints to the user; they can significantly improve the plausibility of the environment leading to a more realistic response, and ultimately, better understanding of the situation or better entertainment. Increasing processing power due to multicore architectures, improved clock speeds and highly programmable Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), enable designers and programmers to add multitudes of virtual characters in real-time applications. As the real-time rendering of the characters is becoming more and more realistic, there is a considerable gap between the rendering appearance and their simulated behavior. In particular, procedural approaches tend to have a repetitive and robot like result. In this presentation we will look at some of our recent work on data-driven character simulation and animation that aim at overcoming some of these limitations. In particular we will look at techniques developed for the simulating of virtual crowds and ambient life as well as the stylistic animation of individual characters.

Short Bio:
Yiorgos L. Chrysanthou is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus where he is heading the Graphics and Hypermedia lab. He is also the Research Director of the newly established Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and emerging Technologies (RISE). Yiorgos was educated in the UK (BSc and PhD from Queen Mary and Westfield College) and worked for several years as a research fellow and a lecturer at University College London. He has published over 75 papers in journals and international conferences on computer graphics and virtual reality and is a co-author of the book "Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments: From Realism to Real-Time", (Addison-Wesley 2001+ China Machine Press 2004). Yiorgos serves as an associate editor for the Journals Computer Graphics Forum and Computers and Graphics, and review editor for Frontiers in Robotics and AI (Specialty Section Virtual Environments). He served as the local or overall coordinator of over 25 research projects, related to 3D graphics, virtual reality and applications and as Organising or Program Chair for several conferences. His research interests lie in the general area of 3D Computer Graphics, recently focusing more on the development of algorithms for real-time AR rendering, reconstruction of urban environments and computer animation.

This colloquium is part of the speaker's procedure for evaluation and promotion from Associate Professor to Professor.

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