Reliable Master-Worker Internet-based Computing


The main scientific objective of this project is to develop practical algorithmic solutions that would yield reliable, Master-Worker Internet-based computations in the presence of both rational (selfish) and malicious nodes. To fulfil this goal, we have set the following objectives:

  • Design a theoretical framework that would enable us to investigate the foundations,principles, feasibility, and cost-reliability tradeoffs of Master-Worker Inernet-based computing.
  • Identify the inherent limitations of Master-Worker Internet-based computing in the face of both rational and malicious nodes.
  • Design practical algorithmic mechanisms within the developed framework (and under the identified limitations) that will provide sufficient incentives for the rational nodes to collaborate, and at the same time, alleviate the negative impact of malicious nodes' actions.
  • Analyse the feasibility of the developed mechanisms on realistic Master-Worker Internet-based applications.

Republic of Cyprus Desmi 2009-2010 UCY_logo University of Rey Juan Carlos Departamento de Sistemas Telemáticos y Computación UCONN_logo