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The results of the report will not be broken down in any occurring publications in a way that enables
individuals to be identified or be possible to attribute any answers to individual respondents.

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How is the group as a whole doing?
1. As a group and socially?

2. Attendance, are people there when they should be?

3. Any thoughts on the group leadership and project methodology?

4. How is the relation with the industrial partner?

5. Will you meet your goals?

How are *you* doing?
6. Have you been absent, ill, etc?

7. What (if anything) makes you less productive/comfortable in the group?

8. What can be done (by you, the team, or the teachers) to counteract this?

9. Is there anything else you are worried about?

10. Has the course fulfilled your expectations so far?

11. Is there anything we should have done differently when we started the course?

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