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AMBULANCE: Mobile Unit for Health Care Provision via Telematics support
European Commission, 4th Framework - Health Telematics Applications Programme 

The aim with the project is the design and development of a mobile/portable medical device usable for medical emergencies in European Countries that will allow telediagnosis, remote supervision, and teleconsultation of mobile health care providers by specialised physicians located in key positions or sites. In the design of the proposed system emphasis will be given on the image and biosignal acquisition and processing units, the GSM transmission/reception multimedia telematics unit, the teleconferencing and teleconsulting software tools, and a distributed DBMS environment for storage and retrieval of multimedia information.The proposed device will allow the acquisition and transmission of critical biosignals as well as the acquisition and transmission of images of the patient, that will allow for a visual inspection.

The Co-ordinator for this project is the National Technical University of Athens and the other partners are: Ericsson Infocom Consultants-Sweden, Eurotechnology-Sweden, Malmo Cardiologiska Instituten-Sweden, Epsilon Software-Greece, Athens Medical Centre-Greece, Medical Diagnosis & Treatment-Greece, Panafon-Greece, R&S Informatica-Italy, and Ministry of Health-Cyprus.

January 1996 - December 1998 

Presentation Ambulance (HC 1001) - Catania 1999, by Kyriakou Efthyvoulos, NTUA

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