Workshop Venue:
Thursday, Nov. 8
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Workshop Chair:  M. Dikaiakos, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Cyprus


Workshop on


"It is dangerous to put limits on wireless"

Dr. Joao DaSilva
Head of Unit
Mobile, wireless, and satellite communications
DG-InfoSoc, European Commission


In the context of this presentation we will try to present the most
"probable future" for wireless communications. We will start by discussing
the lessons learned so far by presenting an overview of today's wireless
communications market scene and the developments expected to take place in
the near future from a technological as well as a regulatory and standards
perspective. As the trend for wireless communications networks is to move
from a voice oriented to a data centric network model we will then present
the two crucial trade-off's that in our opinion will shape future
developments, namely: mobility vs. bit rate and coverage vs. bit rate.

The main part of the presentation is devoted in presenting some initial ideas on
the future 4th Generation (4G) wireless communications networks. The subject
of 4G will be presented from a service perspective. In this context, we will
also provide a brief overview of the IST programme activities in the area of
wireless communications. We will also highlight crucial areas of R&D for the
future development of wireless communications in the short-to-medium term
such as the convergence of mobile and broadcasting networks as well as the
long term such as "Re-configurable Radio Systems and Networks" concepts
(also known as S/W Radio). Finally, conclusions will be drawn and
information for coming activities of the IST programme will be provided.

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