Cyprus Airways, the official carrier of the conference, is offering discounted tickets  for Economy class travel. For issuing tickets, registered delegates should contact Cyprus Airways offices for further information.
Destination Price per person
(excluding taxes)
Athens 50.000 GRD
Thessaloniki 53.000 GRD
London/Manchester/Birmingham (Monday-Friday, morning flight) 199 GBP
London/Manchester/Birmingham (Monday-Friday, night flight) 189 GBP
London/Manchester/Birmingham (Saturday-Sunday, morning flight) 229 GBP
London/Manchester/Birmingham (Saturday-Sunday, night flight) 219 GBP
Amsterdam 683 NLG
Brussels 11.870 BF
Dusseldorf 573 DM
Frankfurt 578 DM
Milan 536.000 IL
Paris 1.525 FF
Rome 483.000 IL
Vienna 3.650 ATS
Zurich 505 SF

Also, there will be bus connections between the Larnaca airport and Hotel Hilton of Nicosia on the days before and after the conference.