MAI622: AI Entrepreneurship


MAI622: Course Information


This course is part of the new M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, developed as part of the Master programmes in Artificial Intelligence 4 Careers in Europe, and is offered within the network of partner universities promoting new careers in AI for students from any EU country.
The course aspires to help students explore and master key concepts and challenges of relevance to AI and Data-driven entrepreneurship. It introduces students to the world of high-technology entrepreneurship through case studies that demonstrate successes, failures, and challenges. The course provides also an overview of, and an introduction to key steps to develop a start-up, design a business model, explore product-market fit, manage intellectual property, and attract investment.
Students will explore acknowledged innovation-driven entrepreneurship methodologies and experiment with them and associated tools to pursue the translation of their ideas into entrepreneurial endeavors. The course examines issues faced by Start-up Founders and Chief Technology Officers who need to innovate at the boundaries of AI, Ιnformation Τechnology, and Βusiness by understanding all perspectives.
Instructor: Professor Marios D. Dikaiakos. »
Teaching Assistant: TBA
Prerequisites: none
Lectures: Monday,15:00-18:00, B101 Lab, ΘΕΕ01
Recitation: Wednesday, 16:00-17:00, B101 or as announced in C4E News and Events.
Announcements and Communication: Discord


During the course students will review and explore, through lectures, invited talks, discussions, videos, reading and writing assignments, and practice: