CS699: Special Topics in Computer Science

Readings in Cloud, Fog, Edge Computing


CS699: Special Topics in Computer Science
Cloud, Fog, Edge Computing

Assignments and Projects

Fogify Demonstrator projects


Price Modeling in Regional Deployments

Public Cloud providers, like Amazon, Google, and Azure, offer virtual instances based on complex pricing policies that take into account the processing power of the VMs, the region that they exist, and the volume of data transferring from DCs to end-users or/and among regional DCs. The outcome of this project is a new module for Fogify that will provide to the users the running and projection costs of their running deployment based on real-time price information from public cloud providers. The main tasks of this project are:
  1. Develop an interface which allows the user to choose resources from a list of VM types and regions (e.g., from Amazon). The resource characteristics should be automatically mapped into Fogify resources.
  2. During the execution of an application on top of Fogify, the new module will calculate the current application operational cost and a projection of the long-term cost based on the resources usage and network data transfers.

Extend Fogify to include real-world devices

Fogify emulates fog nodes as virtual instances (containers) with restricted processing capabilities. However, there are components with specific capabilities, such as TPUs or GPUs, which are currently ignored even if they exist in the underlying infrastructure. To address this issue, the students should extent the Fogify with:

Auto-scaling Controller

Modern Cloud and Fog Infrastructures provide auto-scaling capabilities. Specifically, auto-scaling monitors a deployed application and automatically adjusts its capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance. Towards the later functionality, students will build an auto-scaler controller for Fogify deployments that will be able to perform scale-in and scale-out actions based on simple rules (e.g., if the last 10 minutes CPU utilization of instance-x is over 70%, perform horizontal scale-out). Specifically, the implementation of the module includes:

Improvement of Network Monitoring

The network traffic is a crucial metric for Fog and Cloud infrastructures. Even though Fogify captures a general network traffic per node, it does not measure the network traffic node-to-node volume. In this exercise, students will implement a method to extract and save the size of packages that transfer by source-node to destination-node. Specifically:

IoT Demonstrator projects

IoT for Covid Risk Assessment

Blockchain-based, Privacy-preserving Cloud-based Contact Tracing App for Covid

Data Center Modeling

TCO Modeling of the CS Data Center

Develop a TCO model for the data center of the Department, taking into account the use of the installed solar energy production using the roof's P/V system.