CS699: Special Topics in Computer Science

Readings in Cloud, Fog, Edge Computing


EPL699: Course Information


The course focuses on mature and emerging technologies for Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing, and aims at reviewing the current and recent scientific literature, with the goal to build an understanding of fundamental concepts, techniques and results that shape the state-of-the-art in Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing infrastructures as well as of prevalent paradigms for developing and deploying applications on these infrastructures.
Instructor: Professor Marios D. Dikaiakos. »
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Prerequisites: CS601, CS605, CS603 or Professors' approval
Lectures: Tuesday, Friday. 10:30-12:00. Room 148 or Online.
Recitation: Tuesday: 9:30-10:30. Room 148 or Online.
Online Forum: http://piazza.com/ucy.ac.cy/fall2020/epl699


Cloud Computing is a large-scale distributed computing paradigm which has become a driving force for information technology over the past several years. The exponential growth data size in scientific instrumentation/simulation and social media has triggered the wider use of Cloud computing services. Additionally, the emergence of "Internet of Things" technologies has created the need for a middleware 'continuum' that bridges sensing, computing, and networking devices residing at or near the edge of the network, with Cloud services deployed typically on remote, powerful data centers.

This course covers topics and technologies related to Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing and their practical implementations, focusing on state-of-the-art technologies, current research and emerging issues of relevance. Students will engage in the study of basic topics, recent literature and experimentation with acknowledged technologies, pursuing the translation of their ideas into research projects.

In particular, during the course students will review and explore, through lectures, discussions, videos, reading and writing assignments, and practice, the following topics: