CS683/KEP500: Technology Entrepreneurship


EPL683/KEP500: Course Information


This postgraduate course explores key challenges faced when one aspires to translate scientific and technological ideas into globally marketable products or services and embark on innovation-driven enterprise entrepreneurship, with a focus on software and Internet-based businesses. The course is open to postgraduate and Ph.D. students of the University of Cyprus. Students will develop knowledge and skills to understand and be able to address a variety of issues faced by startup founders and chief technology officers who need to innovate at the boundaries of information technology and business by understanding both perspectives.
Instructor: Professor Marios D. Dikaiakos. Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship »
Teaching Assistant: Odysseas Economides »
Prerequisites: none
Lectures: Monday, 16:30-19:30. Room 016, ΧΩΔ02.
Recitation: Wednesday, 14:00-15:00. Room 007, ΧΩΔ02.
Online Forum: piazza.com/ucy.ac.cy/fall2019/cs683/home


Students will engage in the study of and experimentation with acknowledged methodologies for innovation-driven entrepreneurship and associated tools, pursuing the translation of their ideas into entrepreneurial endeavors. In particular, during the course students will review and explore, through lectures, invited talks, discussions, videos, reading and writing assignments, and practice: