Computers and Graphics, Volume 23, Number 5, October 1999

Specail issue on: Visibility - Techniques and Applications

Guest editors: Yiorgos L. Chrysanthou and Daniel Cohen-Or


  • Editorial,Yiorgos L. Chrysanthou and Daniel Cohen-Or, 633-634.

  • The Visibility Octree: A Data Structure for 3D Navigation, Carlos Saona, Isabel Navazo and Pere Brunet, 635-643, abstract.
  • Optimized Occlusion Culling, Craig Gotsman, Oded Sudarsky and Jeffry Fayman, 645-654, abstract.
  • A Qualitative and Quantitative Visibility Analysis in Urban Scenes, Boaz Nadler, Gadi Fibich, Shuly Lev-Yehudi and Daniel Cohen-Or, 655-666, abstract.
  • OpenGL-assisted Occlusion Culling for Large Polygonal Models, Dirk Bartz, Michael Meissner, Tobias Huettner, 667-679, abstract.
  • Hierarchical Back-Face Computation, Subodh Kumar, Dinesh Manocha, William Garrett And Ming Lin, 681-692, abstract.
  • Computing Visibility from Folded Surfaces, James Stewart, 693-702, abstract.
  • Interactive Ray Tracing with the Visibility Complex, Franklin S. Cho and David Forsyth, 703-717, abstract.
  • A Visibility Algorithm for Hybrid Geometry and Image-Based Modeling and Rendering, Thomas A. Funkhouser, 719-728, abstract.
  • Land-marking for navigation of large models, Rogger Hubbold and Martin Keates, 729-738, abstract.

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