TinyOS/TinyDB extension for monitoring the k-most important events in a wireless sensor network


KSpot+ is a novel network-aware architecture for wireless sensor networks built on top of a diverse set of energy-conscious algorithms. It inserts a profiling layer between the server and the sensor network that discovers structural and workload inefficiencies and exploits them in order to generate balanced topologies that can be queried in an energy-efficient manner. It has three basic operations:

  1. to construct balanced network topologies,
  2. to tune the waking windows of sensor nodes, and
  3. to enable tuple ranking through top-$k$ queries.

KSpot+'s modular design allows application designers to easily integrate new features into the design as well as experiment under different settings. KSpot+'s modules can function individually or in cooperation according to the requirements of the application.

KSpot+ components are implemented in JAVA (server-side) and in nesC (client-side). We have selected nesC (TinyOS/TinyDB) for the implementation of the client-side components for practical reasons as it already provides a kernel of declarative data acquisition functionalities (i.e., SQL query syntax).


Email us here for username/password of the KSpot+ software downloads and installation instructions

Installation Instructions


The KSpot+ Source Code





GDI 2002 GDI 2003
AtmoMon32 Intel54


TinyOS version1.1.11-3is used in the development of KSpot+


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Panayiotis Andreou, Ph.D. (University of Cyprus)

Demetris Zeinalipour, Ph.D. (University of Cyprus)

Panos Chrysanthis, Professor (University of Pittsburgh)

George Samaras, Professor (University of Cyprus)