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Joanna Georgiou

apps BIO:

Joanna Georgiou is a postgraduate student at the University of Cyprus who is also working as a software engineer at the Laboratory of Internet Computing (LInC). She received her BSc. degree (2019) in Computer Science with a Software Engineering track. She is interested in Software Engineering and Security.


01/2020 – Present

api Software Engineer / Research Assistant

@ Laboraty of Internet Computing (LInC)

Achievements / Tasks:
- Software Engineering using Java, Spring and Vue.js
- Application Development using Microservices and Containerization
- Technical Writing
- Project Administrator

08/2019 – 12/2019

api Part Time Job - Full Stack Developer

@ SilverSky3D

Achievements / Tasks:
- Website Development
- RESTful API Development
- Database Maintenance

06/2019 – 08/2019

api Internship

@ Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging technologies (RISE)

Achievements / Tasks:
- Full Stack Development
- Application Development on Unity

09/2018 – 06/2019

api Internship

@ Data Management Systems Laboratory (DMSL)

Achievements / Tasks:
- Web Development
- Thesis on TrafficWare: Traffic Mapping using Telco Data

06/2018 – 08/2018

api Internship

@ Laboraty of Internet Computing (LInC)

Achievements / Tasks:
- Development of Applications on Apache Spark
- Apache Spark Performance Tests on Raspberry Pis


01/2020 – Present

school MSc. Computer Science

@ University of Cyprus

Selected Courses:

Advanced Security Advanced Databases

09/2015 – 06/2019

school BSc. Computer Science

@ University of Cyprus

code Software Engineering Track

Selected Courses:

Software Reuse Software Engineering System Programming Web Technologies


label_importantParticipation and Poster Presentation at HDMS18 (06/2018)


English (IGCSE: Grade B) Greek (Native Language)

code SKILLS:

Java Spring Boot Angular Vue.js Node.js Docker HTML & CSS PHP C++ C# Bash Script MySQL TSQL PostgreSQL CouchDB Spark Modx Joomla Wordpress

contact_mail CONTACT:

call 22892663
alternate_email /
room FST01 217, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, 2109 Aglantzia, Nicosia, Cyprus