Georgios Tertytchny

Teaching & Research Assistant

About Me

I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and in Advanced Computer Science respectively from the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus. I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus, while I am also a Research Assistant at KIOS Research Center and Center of Excellence. My research interests the study of security, fault-tolerance protocols, algorithms, networking and model and type checking, with focus on Critical Infrastructures.


Sept. 2016 - June. 2018 M.Sc. in Advanced Computer Science

  • Temporal Information Systems in Medicine
  • Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
  • E-Health
  • Wireless Networks
  • Computer Vision
  • Research Methods in Computer Science
  • Computer Graphics and Vision
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Sept. 2012 - June. 2016 B.Sc. in Computer Science
Honors & Awards

Work Experience

June. 2017 - Now

Research Assistant

I am working as a Research Assistant at KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence.

Sept. 2016 - Now

University of Cyprus
Teaching Assistant

I am teaching assistant for the Computer Science Department undergraduate courses for in lab lectures and assignments grading

July. 2015 - Oct. 2016

University of Cyprus
Research Assistant

Research assistant for the European Research program “MEDUSA”, Multi-order Dependency approaches for managing cascading effects in port’s global supply chain and their integration in risk assessment frameworks.

June. 2013 - Aug. 2013

DMS Laboratory, University of Cyprus
iOS Developer

Participated in the development of an iOS application (named RayzIT) which is an award-winning crowd messaging technology that delivers users questions, inquiries and ideas to the closest users saround.



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