From the TI 99/4 to the Raspberries!
From the PDP/11 to Android
From Fortran 77 to HTML5

... and everything in between.


Things done and/or in progress


Helpdesk is a custom, home grown, classical helpdesk application. It is in a sense a minimal helpdesk application providing only necessary parts to be small and easy to use. It is perfectly suitable to an academic department.
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Open Source Software

The Dept. of Computer Science has a long and strong history of using Open Source software for its operation. When it is possible it also contributes to the Open Source efforts. Here ia an incomplete list of Open Source and Free software used in the Department of Computer Science and the locally produced open source code.
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu OS
  • OpenLDAP
  • Bind DNS server
  • DHCP
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL/MariaDB database server
  • Horde Collaboration suite
  • Roundcube webmail client
  • Moodle
  • Nagios
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Senior Systems Administrator
(Information Technology)
Head of Section
at the University of Cyprus
Department of Computer Science.

Responsible for creating and maintaining an academic computing environment that is aligned to the objectives of academic excellence and top level research of the Computer Science department.

M.B.A. at the Cyprus International Institute of Management
B.Sc. Electronics Technology and Computer Systems Design - University of Houston.
American Academy of Larnaca '78, University Preparatory (UP)

Work Experience
Technical Competencies
  • Systems Integration and Configuration. Integration of various types of systems to provide a computing infrustructre that attends to business needs (especially in an academic computing environment). Such systems include most varieties of Unix like systems, Microsoft Windows, Storage systems, Network infrastructure and other related systems.
  • Excellent knowledge of network protocols and methodologies including TCP/IP (TCPIP networking and internetworking protocols and practices), DNS, SNMP, SMTP, DHCP, NNTP, NTP, Radius, LDAP, routing and bridging methodologies, wireless and wired networking.
  • In depth practical knowledge of various Unix systems (most Linux distributions, IBM/AIX, Sun/Solaris).
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Windows systems and methodologies.
  • Excellent knowledge of database administration methodologies especially with MySQL, Oracle and IBM/DB2.
  • Very good knowledge of CISCO network methodologies for LAN and WAN networking (routing and switching systems and protocols, RIP, BGP, OSPF, network management etc.).
  • Very good knowledge of systems security practices at the system, network and organizational level including SPAM and Virus control methodologies.
  • Very good knowledge of Enterprise Level Management Systems, systems monitoring and recovery procedures.
  • Programming with , C/C++, Fortran, Pascal, web applications, PHP, Perl etc.) and systems level programming using various Unix and Windows type shells (csh, ksh, tcsh).


If you need to contact me then use the following:
E-mail (which works best, most of the time): ank[AT]

Snail Mail:
Andreas Kasenides
University of Cyprus, Computer Science Dept.
1 University Av.
Aglantzia 2109

Phone:  +357-22-892714
Fax:      +357-22-892701

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