🌟 Did you know that “escape rooms” aren’t just about the thrill of solving puzzles? 🕵️‍♀️ According to articles, they’re fantastic for honing soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking! 🤔🌈

Exciting news! On the 23rd of February our team organized a fantastic night for international students in Cyprus, where we dived into the world of escape rooms to boost our soft skills! 🚀🌍 But that’s not all – before the fun began, we shared the ins and outs of our Erasmus Plus project, “Re-Think/Re-Act.” 📚🔍 We delved into our project’s goals, results, and the fantastic digital tools we’ve crafted for you! 💻✨

Let’s take a moment to relive the excitement of that night – a perfect blend of fun, learning, and skill-building! 🧩🤝 Thank you to everyone who joined us on this unforgettable journey! 🌈 #ErasmusPlus #ReThinkReAct #SoftSkills #EscapeRoomSkills