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NATURE - SDI - Best practice network for SDI in nature conservation


NATURE - SDI - Best practice network for SDI in nature conservation

Duration: 30 months (2008 - 2011)

Start: 1/10/2008

Project Website:http://www.nature-sdi.eu/

Principal Investigator: Χρίστος Σχίζας

Main Funding Source: EU-ECONTENPLUS

Total Cost: 62 399

The NATURE-SDIplus project’s main aim is to establish a Best Practice Network on geographical information for nature conservation to stimulate the members and, in perspective, the target users at improving the harmonisation of their datasets on nature conservation to better exploit and access them. NATURE-SDIplus proposes, as a first attempt toward the harmonisation process, the evaluation of the common metadata profile as defined by the INSPIRE DT MD which is focusing on discovery mandatory elements (a set of metadata elements to provide a comprehensive and relevant description of community resources) based on the ISO 19115/119 standards and a common data model compliant with INSPIRE specifications. The accessibility of the metadata profile by the target users beyond the end of the project is assured by publishing the profile as a CEN document. In this way the information is accessible for all members of the EU and EFTA. The data accessibility is supported by a set of web services available and accessible by the NATURE-SDIplus Geo-portal having also the aim to attract and encourage the involvement of the NATURE-SDIplus Network members and stakeholders in this process.