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Duration: 24 months (2014 - 2016)

Start: 1/7/2014

Principal Investigator: Χρύσης Γεωργίου, Άννα Φιλίππου

Main Funding Source: Action Grants

Total Cost: 80 003

Multi-order Dependency approaches for managing cascading effects in ports' global supply chain and their integration in risk assessment frameworks.

The principal objective of the MEDUSA project is to alleviate the previously-mentioned breach by introducing, specifying and validating the multi-dependency focuses of risk evaluation as well as by using them in the field of RISK evaluation frameworks for port CIIs. To this effect MEDUSA will open new horizons in the field of port security by generating and exchanging knowledge associated to the identification and evaluation of the cascading effects in the supply chain of ports worldwide with the final goal of predicting potential problems as well as minimising the consequences of security breaches.