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NET6: IPv6 Pilot Network for real time service support

Duration: 42 months (2006-2009)

Start: 1/10/2005

Principal Investigator: Βάσος Βασιλείου, Ανδρέας Πιτσιλλίδης

Main Funding Source: Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, ΕΡΥΔΙ/0205/06

Total Cost:54,410.41

Partners: University of Cyprus, European University of Cyprus, Netway Ltd.

The objective of this work was the creation of a common IPv6-based computer networking research infrastructure between the collaborating institutions. The partner institutions have been active in various research programs in the area of Quality of Service in computer networks and the development of algorithms for the control of network resources and this particular project provided the opportunity to implement and test these results in a real environment. More specifically, the new research infrastructure was used as the platform for the evaluation of algorithms for the dynamic adaptation of video stream servers and real-time playback applications, as well as communication networks using control systems theory. The project has also achieved its secondary objective of conducting experiments of video distribution in order to evaluate the improvement of the network capacity in combination with the profit that is achieved by the proposed management of resources. The work has fully achieved the proposed scientific objectives of conducting research in the sector of protocols for the control of congestion and the management of network resources of network in for providing quality of service in real-time multimedia applications in IPv6.