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Co-Living - Virtual Collaborative Social Living Community for Elderly


Co-Living - Virtual Collaborative Social Living Community for Elderly

Duration: 36 months (2010 - 2013)

Start: 1/10/2010

Project Website: http://ww2.project-coliving.eu/?folio=7POYGN0G2

Principal Investigator: Γιώργος Σαμάρας

Main Funding Source: ΙΠΕ-ΔΕΣΜΗ 2009-2010 ΔΙΑΡΘΡΩΤΙΚΑ

Total Cost: 122 652

Co-LIVING is based on an innovative Social Community network (SoCo-net), integrating different mobile wireless ICT based services addressing the elderly social interaction context categories of Care & Wellness, Guidance and Mobility monitoring.

The solution utilises and scales up the successfully developed IST FP6 mPower open source middleware platform to be applicable to the elderly social community interaction field, achieving thus the expected Co- LIVING time-to-market perspective of 2 to 3 years after the project end.

The Co-LIVING target group is the big group of healthy elderly or with light physical or psychological health problems who are self-supporting, able to move around, and can still contribute actively. They find pleasure in getting help or stimulation to be active in an outward environment.