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B3 Regions – Regions for Better Broadband Connection

B3 Regions

B3 Regions – Regions for Better Broadband Connection

Duration: 24 months (2008 - 2010)

Start: 1/9/2008

Project Website: http://www.b3regions.eu/

Principal Investigator:Γιώργος Παπαδόπουλος

Main Funding Source: European Commission, Interreg IV C Programme

Total Cost: 151,750

B3 Regions is a project funded by the INTERREG IV C European Territorial Cooperation Programme, aimed at disseminating broadband in Europe, through the transfer of best practices and improving the effectiveness of regional development policies. Thanks to B3 Regions, the most advanced regions in terms of broadband development in rural and disadvantaged areas will meet, and share with less advanced regions their best practices, also focussing on how to identify and organise the activity for the dissemination of broadband. A Support Tool for Action Plans will be defined and disseminated at the end of the project, expected in November 2010, to define the European approach to broadband dissemination. Moreover, actions will be taken to censure that the identified best practices are transferred in the main national action programmes and disseminated among the regional Management Authorities. In consideration of its importance, the project was recognized as “Fast Track Project” by the European Commission: it has hence been identified as a “priority” and it sees the direct involvement of EC officials, who consider the initiative as strategic for the development of European economy and competitiveness.