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OFTL – OFTL Europe process of transferring the innovative aspect of the OFTL System

OFTL – OFTL Europe process of transferring the innovative aspect of the OFTL System

Duration: 24 months (2008 - 2010)

Start: 1/10/2008

Principal Investigator: Γιώργος Παπαδόπουλος

Main Funding Source: Leonardo Da Vinci

Total Cost: 12,800

In today's European labour market the procedures to match supply and demand are rarely codified and are often aleatory. At this stage, a legislative intervention of the Union on this matter has been required by different parties.

The problems to tackle often concern: lack of availability of workers with professional skills that satisfy the requirements of companies; lack of guidance of the non employed and/or unemployed in the choice of the professional direction to take considering the local context; progressive lack of public funds for effective employment placement which is satisfactory for both worker and company.

With these problems in mind the Istituto A. Provolo in Verona (Italy) has conceived, tested, defined and modelled the OFTL® Orientamento-Formazione-Tirocinio-Lavoro system (Guidance – Training – Apprenticeship - Work), which has the purpose of overcoming temporary employment in favour of the employment of the unemployed.

The purpose of OFTL EUROPE is to transfer OFTL®, an innovative Vocational Training system that offers “lifelong” Guidance, Training and Transition to Work support. Project Objectives are: the study in partner countries of the different legislative “feasibility conditions”, of the job market, career guidance systems, and employment assistance training; the study and selection of the innovative OFTL® elements that satisfy said requirements and their feasibility in the transfer process; testing of the OFTL® system in view of its integration, in terms of training procedures, in the bodies of partner countries; adaptation of the OFTL® system to the requirements and needs of the different partner countries.

The partnership is made up of partners from six European countries with a high level of expertise in the guidance and training field and many years of experience, some over twenty years, as regards taking part in and managing European projects.

The project addresses temporary workers, long-term unemployed people, workers on a mobility list, the disabled according to Law 68/99 and immigrants with a valid permit to stay in the country.

OFTL EUROPE shall be divulged through an Operating Manual and CD ROM. The results achieved by OFTL Europe will support the creation of integrated guidance, training and employment systems that will allow people to acquire new know-how, update skills and above all become marketable in the labour market.

The OFTL EUROPE project will produce cascade effects as regards: the improvement and adaptation of system competences; marketability of the acquired competences; increase in guidance and employment placement actions; employment opportunities for people with weak qualifications.

OFTL EUROPE actions include:

1. RESEARCH (though a comparative study) into the “feasibility conditions” for the transfer of OFTL®; this will include methods to find financial resources, public/private network working methods, characteristics of job intermediation firms and types of “just in time” training. The final step of this action will be the identification of the founding elements of the OFTL EUROPE network operational procedure.

2. TESTING through the implementation of the operational procedure called OFTL EUROPE; the partners shall plan one or more OFTL programmes and prepare the local network protocol for employment placement. This action foresees the creation of OFTL Europe programmes (at transnational level) and the preparation of the local protocol to support the creation of OFTL Europe programmes.

3. Scientific VALIDATION of the OFTL EUROPE operational procedure tested in each partner country and of the jointly planned programmes. The final step of this action will include the production of a Manual and CD ROM and the application for the patent for OFTL EUROPE for each partner country.

4. DISSEMINATION OF THE RESULTS; at European level this will be achieved through a trans-national seminar for the presentation of OFTL EUROPE; in each partner country it will be achieved through a local seminar for the presentation of the results and CD ROM produced in the national language of the partner countries. The final step of this action will include the application for the EU patent for OFTL EUROPE.