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ASPIDA: Security in Wireless Sensor Networks


ASPIDA: Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

Duration: 48 months (2007-2010)

Start: 29/12/2006

Project Website: http://www.sigintsolutions.com

Principal Investigator: Α. Πιτσιλλίδης

Main Funding Source: ΙΠΕ-ΔΕΣΜΗ 2006

Total Cost: 55,016.97

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have been developing rapidly in the last years and they promise to be one of the basic infrastructures to support ambient intelligence. Currently, sensor nodes are promoted to be used in a wide spectrum of applications such as in military, healthcare and environmental applications. These mission-critical applications are not tolerant to data compromisation since they are depended on timely and reliable information to provide their services. In WSNs, there are many risks that can compromise the network and its data. Therefore, security in critical WSNs infrastructures becomes essential and must be addressed in order to protect the network and its data. The objective of this project is to design and develop a multi-layer security architecture for sensor networks, addressing existing security threats and vulnerabilities that affect the reliable operation of mission-critical WSN applications.

Partners: Sigint Solutons Ltd. (Cyprus), University of Cyprus (Cyprus), University of Peiraias (Greece)