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Duration: 24 months (2005 - 2006)

Start: 01/02/2005

Project Website: http://www.healthservice24.com/

Principal Investigator: Γ. Σαμάρας

Main Funding Source: European Commission

Total Cost: 176,320

Partners: Ericsson Enterprise AB (SE), University of Twente (NL), University of Cyprus (CY), Hospital Clinic Provincial de Barcelona (E), Medisch Spectrum Twente (NL), LITO POLYCLINIC PARALIMNI LTD (CY), TMS International B.V. (NL), Yucat B.V. (NL)

The forthcoming wide availability of high bandwidth public wireless networks will give rise to new mobile health care services. Towards this direction, the HealthService24 - Continuous Mobile Services for Healthcare aims at realizing the mobile health dream by an integrated mobile health service supporting patients and health care professionals mobility. A patient using the HealthService24 is equipped with diverse vital constant sensors interconnected under a wireless Body Area Network managed by a PDA or a mobile telephone and worn on the body, and thus moving around with the person. The measurements are transmitted wirelessly using UMTS (or GPRS) to a data center, from where the data is transferred to the health care providers/ health care professionals. The data center is also collecting the data, sending SMS or other type of alarms when needed, providing technical support and the 1-level medical support for the service users. This way healthcare professionals can remotely assess, diagnose and treat patients whilst the patients are free to continue with daily life activities. Not only the patient mobility but also the medical personnel mobility will be targeted - the idea is to replace the traditional medical bag with an advanced Med-BAN system assisting the practitioner in diagnosis and treatment. The service will be implemented by hospitals and public healthcare organizations.