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ΠΡΟΟΔΟΣ - Προδιαγραφή και επαλήθευση ορθότητας πρωτοκόλλων σε Ad Hoc δίκτυα με τοπικές μεθόδους

Duration: 19 months (2006-2007)


Project Website: http://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/proodos/indexGB.htm

Principal Investigator: Άννα Φιλίππου

Main Funding Source: Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation

Total Cost: 63,713.75

The PROODOS project investigated the foundations of the modeling, development and analysis of dynamic systems. Specifically, the project focused on the specification and verification of a class of dynamic systems, that of /ad hoc networks/, and it proposed methodologies for the development of correct, efficient and reliable solutions to problems originating in them. During this research, the frameworks of Process Algebra and I/O Automata were employed to model and analyze algorithms in ad hoc networks which eventually enabled the evaluation of the two methodologies according to their applicability for the field under study. Finally, the work resulted in the proposal of specialized and improved methodologies and techniques for formally specifying and rigorously verifying the correctness of ad hoc networked systems.