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MPOWER: Middleware Platform for eMPOWERing cognitive disabled and elderly

Duration: 30 months (2006-2009)

Start: 1/10/2006

Project Website: http://www.sintef.no/Projectweb/MPOWER/The-Project/

Principal Investigator:Γιώργος Σαμάρας, Ανδρέας Πιτσιλλίδης

Main Funding Source: European Commission (FP6, 034707)

Total Cost: 420,351

Partners: SINTEF ICT, Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., ARC Seiberdorf research GmbH, Psykiatrien i Vestfold HF, Uniwersytet Jagillonski Collegium Medicum, TB-Solutions Advanced Technologies S.L., University of Cyprus, Dimension Informatica

MPOWER will define and implement an open platform to simplify and speed up the task of developing and deploying services for persons with cognitive disabilities and elderly. The platform will in particular support: 1 Integration of SMART HOUSE and sensor technology; 2 Interoperability between profession and institution specific systems (e.g. Hospital Information System); 3 Secure and safe information management, including both social and medical information; and 4 Mobile users which often change context and tools. The project will research and develop the platform as a suite of independent building blocks. We will demonstrate its feasibility through the deployment of two end-user applications that will be deployed over a longer period. The end-user applications are: a) Individual plan management - the goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of the platform in relation to a dynamic sharing of plans and information; b) Smart home and sensor connectivity - this application will demonstrate the feasibility of the platform in relation to interconnectivity and integration of smart home and sensor technologies.