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Duration: 24 months (2006 - 2008)

Start: 1/3/2006

Project Website: http://c-mobile.ptinovacao.pt/

Principal Investigator: Ανδρέας Πιτσιλλίδης

Main Funding Source: European Commission

Total Cost: 282,830.41

Partners: Portugal Telecom Inovação (PT), France Telecom (FR), Deutsche Welle (DE), Bamboo (IL), University of Cyprus (CY), ADETTI (PT), University of St. Gallen (CH), University of the West of England (UK), University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck (DE), Instituto de Telecomunicações (PT), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung (DE), QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (DE) and Hutchison3G UK (UK).

The C-MOBILE project aims at enhancing MBMS for systems beyond 3G at Radio, RAN and Core Network levels. The evaluation of the new techniques will be performed by simulation. The project includes also an experimental component were some of the new features will be validated in a testbed. Key aspects are the integration of IMS and MBMS, the introduction of personalisation in broadcast and multicast services and the development of the convergent BM-SC platform concept. C-MOBILE project aims to evolve broadcast and multicast technologies towards the “beyond 3G vision” of a converged global network based on the usage of multiple broadcast transport bearers. It will address both resource efficiency and service flexibility issues, by close coupling of broadcast and communication capabilities on all layers, covering the radio access, the core network and the service enablers, across multiple technologies, and providing a smooth migration path for MBMS evolution. This evolution will follow the vision of a federated global multicast broadcast transport beyond 3G system.